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Cooking Chemistry


This Teaching Kit is loaded with ideas on what to teach your child in the kitchen. If your child is not yet ready for knife work or using the stove, you can teach how to use the smaller appliances and do kitchen-related chores.

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This Teaching Kit focuses primarily on life skills in the kitchen with an academic focus of learning the difference between physical changes and chemical changes of matter. You will teach kitchen and safety skills along with how to cook. You will also introduce your child to principles of home organization. For example, in the EXPLORE stage, you give your child a tour of the kitchen. Later, in the REASON stage, you explain why your kitchen is organized the way it is.

You can stretch this Teaching Kit out to a full semester by cooking once a week and working on learning various chores.

Includes flashcards for states of matter and basic cooking skills plus links to cookbooks for beginners.

Targeted Life Skills

  • Kitchen skills
  • Kitchen chores
  • Kitchen safety


  • Physical changes in states of matter


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