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Baking Chemistry


Kitchen skills can take a long time to master. Start simple with the first skills: mix and measure. Baking is fairly safe because you typically work with only cold ingredients. The yummy results are easy to compliment, building confidence in your budding baker.

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Learning to bake is a very practical skill. The nice thing about baking is that you work with cold ingredients until everything is popped into the oven. This gives kids a chance to work on the whole recipe safely. This baking unit can be stretched to a whole semester. You can start a once-a-week cooking day where you pull out this Teaching Kit and work on the various concepts.

Includes flashcards for kitchen utensils and baking pans, plus icons so you can create visual recipe cards for your child using your family’s favorite recipes.

Targeted Life Skills

  • Mix and measure
  • Follow a recipe


  • Chemical versus physical changes
  • Testing variables


To learn more about the ELARP™ Method and how it works, sign up for the free informational session in the menu above. The ELARP™ Method works for: special needs, nonverbal students, struggling learners, unmotivated learners, rebellious learners and stressed out moms who need simple lessons for rough periods.


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