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Five Senses Teaching Kit


A gentle introduction into the systems of the body. Designed to help children become aware of how their bodies take in sensory information so they can identify where pain originates. Easy to implement with virtually no prep for the activities. Includes flashcards to help with learning the senses and to use for demonstrating mastery of the subject.

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The fives senses are a gentle and practical introduction to the body, organs and systems. It gives your child a tangible way to experience the body and how it works. In the Teacher’s Learning Lab section of the Teaching Kit, there is a mini lesson on how the brain processes information and how different therapies are used to affect motor output.

Includes flashcards for the five senses with ideas on how to use them in teaching.

Targeted Life Skills

  • Body awareness
  • Identify where pain might originate


  • Learn how the body receives sensory input
  • Develop observation skills


To learn more about the ELARP™ Method and how it works, sign up for the free informational session in the menu above. The ELARP™ Method works for: special needs, nonverbal students, struggling learners, unmotivated learners, rebellious learners and stressed out moms who need simple lessons for rough periods.


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