Curriculum and Supports for Students who Learn Differently

ELARP™ Teaching Kits are designed for students who need visual supports and hands on activities for learning. They also offer alternative ways to demonstrate knowledge for those students who don’t test well.

ELARP™ Teaching Kits

Why use ELARP™ Teaching Kits?

The Most Surprising Benefit

The most surprising benefit has been a vastly improved relationship with my daugher. As we explore topics and share learning experiences, we make connections that just don't happen with textbook learning. We both look forward to school time.

Stephanie Buckwalter
Creator of the ELARP™ Method and Teaching Kits
No more Curriculum Carousel

Do you have piles of barely used curriculum? If so, you are not alone. Get off the curriculum carousel and on to real learning.

no more perpetual kindergarten

Do you have a child is is two or more years behind grade level in core subjects? The ELARP™ Method and curriculum is designed specifically for this student. 

plan for a meaningful life after high school

It's never too early--or too late--to start planning for life after high school. ELARP™ Teaching Kits give you a way to nurture your child toward strengths and abilities instead of always focusing on remedial work.

reduce teacher/student struggles

Go from being battle weary to actually enjoying spending school time with your child. The unique design of the curriculum brings parent and child together through shared experiences. 

About  Stephanie

Hello, I'm Stephanie. I help parents teach their special needs children independence, productivity and social connection, and achieve better learning outcomes through appropriate curriculum.

Get better outcomes for both teacher and student